Minutes of the April, 2010 Oneironauticum

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Minutes of the April, 2010 Oneironauticum

Present at the April, 2010 Oneironauticum were dreamers Vibrata, David S., Dean, Lesly, David W., Stacy, Paz, Taryn, Carter, and yours truly, Jennifer.

As usual, between the time we arrived and then bedded down, we discussed our reent dream experiences. Dean told a story of a recent intense dream experience with a (non-sexual) succubus in which the dream woman rushed at him and entered his body. Taryn and Carter said that on the same night, they, along with their other two room mates, had dreamed being choked. That same night both Paz and I had unpleasant toilet dreams.

A conversation about unpleasant toilet dreams ensued, which led us to discuss our most frequently visited dream types. Most of us had had dreams from what I think of as the “popular hits”: the dream where you realize you never finished high school/college and have to go back and take another class, the dream where you have a test and can’t find the location, the one where you’re trying to run and can barely move, the naked in public dream. Then we talked about our own trends, my dreams of whales or being inappropriately barefoot, others’ dreams of cats or snakes or foxes, of being underwater, of driving.

Around midnight, we put on Somnium and bedded down for the night. Over brunch, we discussed our dreams. Many of experienced strong hypnagogia, as we did last time we slept to Somnium. Several people also had dreams of being in nature, with attention to landscape. A few people also noted lucidity in their dreams. Almost everyone reported sleeping well, though we all woke up at some point or another, aware of the music.