Yarn Cats, by Michael Matthews

I landed a big contract to landscape the whole city, except I didn’t really do anything with plants, but more with buildings and streets and sidewalks. I turned my street into this wildly banked trough of concrete, so that it was like one long, undulating half-pipe. Everyone that lived there had adapted by selling their cars and getting really good at skateboarding. Outside my building, there was a car tipped into the trough of the half...

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Charlatan Healer in a Dog Suit, by Jennifer

Though I fell asleep quickly, I slept somewhat fitfully for the first part of the night. I usually recall about three dreams a night, but I only remembered one. The setting was murky, like a faded sepia photograph. A man in a dog suit moved through the room with a battered leather traveling case. Some unclear subset of us sleeping in the loft stood around in this room, perhaps at a party. The dog suit dude announced himself as a healer. He...

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