minutes of the October, 2009 Oneironauticum

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minutes of the October, 2009 Oneironauticum

In attendance at the October, 2009, Oneironauticum were dreamers lissa ivy, Erik, Vibrata, David, Dean, Nathan, Juliana, Stacey, Katherine, and yours truly, Jennifer.

We gathered between 10:00 and 11:00. Before going to sleep, we discussed dreams we’d had in which we’d died. Many of us had heard the same myth in our childhoods, that if you ever dreamed you died, you would actually died, but most of us had at some point died in a dream. Personally, I have died many times in dreams. I vividly remember the first time, around age 10, when I was thrown from a car crash into a pool of warm water. The sensation of death felt considerably more peaceful than I expected, though I woke extremely frightened. View a film by Naropa Sabine that depicts a recent death dream that I had in 2007.

Around midnight, we all took B-6 and Melatonin before bedding down. Though dosage varied among dreamers, we all took between 1 – 3 mg of Melatonin and 100 or 200 mg of B-6.

Over brunch the next morning, we discussed our dreams. Many of us agreed that we had had unpleasant dreams, filled with urgency, anxiety, or simply disagreeable goings on. We decided to eliminate Melatonin from future Oneironauticum sessions.