The Next Oneironauticum is Friday, December 9

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The Next Oneironauticum is Friday, December 9

The next Oneironauticum is Friday, December 9. For this Oneironauticum, we’ll work with an auditory oneirogen, Robert Rich’s electronic music score Somnium, a soundscape designed to promote vivid dreams.

Somnium is a seven hour psychoactive electronic music piece arranged to match up with the phases of sleep. Electronic musician Robert Rich started giving live, all night concerts for sleeping Bay Area audiences in the early 1980s. During these sessions, Rich would alternate playing active sound with what he called “slow foggy textures and strange ambient sounds”, timed to accord with the regular cycles of dream-rich hypnagogic and REM sleep. The music was specifically designed to increase the intensity and recall of dreams, in part by keeping dreamers closer to the border to wakefulness during sleep. See Robert Rich’s liner notes for his comments on the piece.

On the night of December 9, dreamers in North America, Mexico, Central America, South America, Western and Eastern Europe, and Australia—and who knows from where else, please let us know where you sleep!—will all join together in one of the most common, yet deeply individual, experiences humans have: dreaming. You can join us by simply playing Somnium wherever you’re sleeping. A group of us sleeping in the same space in Oakland, CA, will start Somnium playing at midnight Pacific Time.

As always, anyone is invited to participate remotely, joining our world-wide network of dreamers who go to sleep with the common intention of incubating vivid dreams by using the same oneirogen. If you want to participate remotely, you can play the version of Somnium on this website, available only for the time of Oneironauticum with the generous permission of Robert Rich. You may also purchase a digital album of Somnium. for better sound quality. On the same site, you can purchase another piece by Robert: Perpetual, a companion dream soundscape.

If you’re interested in participating further, you can also join us online for Jennifer Dumpert’s 10:00 pm Pacific Time talk about oneirogens, which will last 30 minutes. Remote participants can also join the in-person group for dream sharing on the morning of December 10, between 10:00 and 11:00 am Pacific Time. If you’re interested in live streaming the talk and/or joining us for the morning dream sharing via Zoom, please contact us through the Oneironauticum contact form and we’ll send you instructions for joining us. As many as 50 remote participants can join in for the talk online.

If you can’t access this site to stream Somnium, you can still participate. Put on your favorite ambient CD, play light piano music on repeat, or just leave your iPod running on shuffle. Whatever works for you. Dreamers participate remotely simply by setting the intention to join us before going to sleep. All dream participants, those who attend the Oneironauticum and those who join remotely, are welcome to post to this blog. Send us our dreams and we’ll post them!