The Next Oneironauticum is Monday, July 27

Posted on July 22, 2009 in All, Event Reports | Comments Off on The Next Oneironauticum is Monday, July 27

For the July Oneironauticum, we’ll be working with Kava kava, a root traditionally used among Pacific Ocean island cultures. Also known as Piper Methysticum (Piper is Latin for “pepper”; methysticum, Greek for “intoxicating”), kava is known as a sleep aid that relaxes the mind without dulling mental clarity. Kava displays both euphoric and narcotic qualities, and is often used to socially cohere groups of people.

General reports on the efficacy of kava as an oneirogen vary. Some say it promotes lucid dreaming, others that it brings on short, particularly vivid dreams, and others still that its primary effect includes mild sedation and mental relaxation. Several long-time remote Oneironauticum participants claim powerful oneirogenic effects from kava.

To participate remotely in the Oneironauticum, acquire kava kava from your local health food store. Although kava is available in pill form, you will get stronger effects if you buy it powered and then prepare it yourself (see wikipedia for preparation instructions) or else purchase a kava tincture. You may also, as always, participate by simply going to sleep with the intention to join us in our group dreaming experience. Anyone who participates, either in person or remotely, is welcome to post their dream experiences to this site. Contact us if you’re interested.