The next Oneironauticum is Thursday, October 29

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The next Oneironauticum is Thursday, October 29. For this session, we’ll be working with a combination of Melatonin and Vitamin B-6.

Melatonin is naturally produced in the human pineal gland (the sort sold in stores is grown on fungi), and helps regulate circadian rhythms by causing drowsiness and lowering the body temperature. Studies have shown than melatonin increases REM sleep time and dream activity. The oneirogenic properties of B-6 are thought to arise because it aids in the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin, and thus increases serotonin levels. Some studies also suggest that B-6 improves memory. At a past Oneironauticum, we worked with this combination, along with Valerian root. While the majority of us felt we had dreamed actively all night, many of us failed to remember dreams. For this session, we’ll experiment with elminating Valerian (used as a night time aid to enhance deep sleep) from the mix.

Both these supplements are available at any well stocked health food store. Melatonin is usually sold at either 1 mg or 3 mg per capsule dosage. B-6 generally comes in capsules of either 100 or 200 mg per capsule (it’ll say on the front of the bottle). I recommend that people who are unfamiliar with these supplements take the least strong of both supplements. If you know that you usually take higher strength capsules, or if you’re feeling adventurous, then try the higher strength. Simply take both capsules right before getting into bed.

As always, dreamers are invited to participate remotely, joining our world-wide network of dreamers who go to sleep with the common intention of percolating vivid dreams by using the same oneirogen. To participate remotely, acquire the oneirogens and use them on the night of October 29, or simply go to sleep with the intention to join us in our group dreaming experience. Anyone who participates, either in person or remotely, is welcome to post their dream experiences to this site.