Grandma subdues pirates, by Paul

Big swashbuckling scene, three musketeer looking guys with long hair and mustaches jumping around fighting pirates with swords. The pirates were real bad guys, gristled and dirty with bad teeth, but they were really good with the swords and it looked like maybe they would win. I knew that if they won then everyone else on the ship would be killed. Then my grandmother came out of the cabin and started bustling around and every body sort of...

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Lego City, by Bill

In my dream, I visited a landscape version of Hollywood that I’ve been building and visiting for the past 4 or 5 months. I much prefer the dreamscape to the real hollywood now. I discovered that certain, if not all, buildings are lego-based, meaning they can be picked up by some god-sized hand and set down and snapped in place in a different part of the city, thus rendering useless the dependence on such structures as bearing-providing...

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