Community Celebrations, by Rebecca

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Community Celebrations, by Rebecca

I had a few dreams, all of which included a similar cast of characters.

The first dream I was in a hotel room. It had that neutral quality that lacked the intimate touches you would normally find in someone’s home. There were a few people in the room, it had the vibe of a small party with people laughing and chatting. The person who stood out to me was a dark haired man named Tony. He was very cheerful and friendly and at some point he came over to me and laid his head in my lap and gazed up at me with love and adoration. I had this momentary flash of the future unfolding before us and seeing a small baby with a full head of dark hair to my right, a psychic apparition of our future if we united. I somehow remembered that I had met Tony at a yoga class, somewhere before.

The next dream that I recall was at an outdoor festival-it seemed like a combination of Carnival and Burning Man. Everyone was very friendly and happy. At one point, I was traveling in a bus from one part of the festival site to another and Tony came up to me at the buses window to check to make sure I was ok. I was. I found myself at another part of the festival and was with more people who were familiar to me. Some of them were doing drugs in various capsules. I was offered and denied stating that I was having a great experience without. I decided to walk back to the other end of the festival. A woman wearing a red suit approached me to make sure that I was ok to walk to where I was going. I said yes, that I loved walking. I noticed that throughout the festival there were a few people who’s role it was to observe and intervene if they felt someone needed help. They were dressed similarly in red suits and were older than the festival participants.

People were dressed in costumes and there were many art installations, including a field that was filled with a misty deep foam that you could wander in-with the lower half of your body disappearing in to the foamy fog. There were trails to travel on that had art installations along or on the path. I recall seeing a large purple spider/octopus that looked like a pinata-it was so big it sprawled across the path and one had to step around its legs to continue. As I looked up and down the path it continued on winding with people walking along it and stopping to interact with the art.

The overall feeling of the dream was positive. I felt attractive and confident. I felt loved and cared for by the people around me. It seemed like a place where people were celebrating and socializing with each other. There was an underlying organization to the event