Alien Visitor, by Vibrata

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The alien visitor dream is what I remember most vividly. It was kind of frightening at first, then turned out much differently.

An alien was being hunted. It (or maybe “he”?) had tremendous powers to defend himself. The people chasing him were people I knew, though I’m not recalling who exactly. They were in a large warehouse and the alien could hide practically in plain site. His persecutors were trying to use guns and explosives to kill him, but in the end, he was more powerful. I don’t recall if he killed anyone. I do remember being very afraid to look directly at him. (at times in the dream, I was the alien. At other times, I was his ally, and an observer.)

The dream took a turn when the alien prepared to make his exit from our world. He had come to the conclusion that this was a hostile place, and was appalled by the way women are treated here. He gave a farewell statement, and it won him several friends, me being one of them. He prepared to leave.

I don’t have a clear picture of what he looked like, just that he was lizard-like, with very bizarre eyes. At one point I do remember embracing him and feeling a deep love. I was among several people wishing goodbye to him, knowing we’d never see each other again. In spite of the prosecution and hatred he experienced, he felt a great love in return, and compassion.

This was a comparatively vivid dreamspace than I’ve been used to of late and what stood out for me was the depth of emotions and the clarity with which I was perceiving them, as well as the distinctly “philosophical” flavor to the content of the dreams.

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