Blue Face Tattoo and Handwriting Trickiness, by Lena

Posted on April 9, 2009 in All, » Al Kemi: Waterlilies (Egyptian Blue Nymphaea caerulea, Mayan Nymphaea ampla, European Nymphaea alba) | 0 comments

I dreamed of being at a party in our actual physical location, with the same group of us who were sleeping at Dean’s for Oneironauticum. A huge, bulky guy with an incredibly vivid blue face tattoo, where his entire face was the blue color, was there in addition to all of the rest of us. Everybody seemed to know him; he was quite a happy, friendly guy. Juliana had painted her face the same vibrant blue in some sort of solidarity with him, since she was his good friend.

I kept waking up and writing down my dreams. I could see the handwriting clearly, not like my usual attempts to read in dreams which rarely succeed, due to the letters moving around or morphing. Here it was all clearly readable, but each successive dream was written down in a different handwriting –one dream in small, precise print, the next dream in curly cursive, the next in a sloppy expansive hand — none of which were my own handwriting in waking life.

When I actually woke up in the morning, I sincerely thought I would have a bunch of dreams written down, but when I opened my notebook, it was blank.

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