Charlatan Healer in a Dog Suit, by Jennifer

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Though I fell asleep quickly, I slept somewhat fitfully for the first part of the night. I usually recall about three dreams a night, but I only remembered one. The setting was murky, like a faded sepia photograph. A man in a dog suit moved through the room with a battered leather traveling case.

Some unclear subset of us sleeping in the loft stood around in this room, perhaps at a party. The dog suit dude announced himself as a healer. He approached lissa ivy and began rubbing and patting various parts of her body to both assess and improve her general spiritual and physical health. After he’d finished, he gave her instruction about something to do on a regular basis. Unfortunately, upon waking I no longer remembered his directives.

After tending to ivy, the dog suit dude approached me. He patted around me as well to determine what I needed for my healing. Then he pulled several small glass vials out of his valise to display to me. He told me they were all rare, pricey tobaccos and that I would need to purchase some to remedy my malaise. I asked what that was and he refused to tell me what ailed me unless I committed to purchase some tobacco. When I made it clear that I wasn’t necessarily going to buy anything until I knew what I needed it for, he became angry and stormed away.

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