crocodiles and butterflies, remote dream by Michael

Posted on April 8, 2009 in All, » Al Kemi: Waterlilies (Egyptian Blue Nymphaea caerulea, Mayan Nymphaea ampla, European Nymphaea alba) | 0 comments

My girlfriend and I were living in London in a ramshackle place with the bathtub down a ravine where a highly variable creek flowed through. Aside from the inconvenience, a very large crocodile occasionally appeared down there and would lay across our tub (being many times too large to lay in it) and make bellowing noises. I built a door that kept him out when we wanted to bathe, but we couldn’t keep it closed too long or the pressure from the creek would push it in.

The four kittens we had were more problematic, as they liked to go down by the creek and play (suspicious, as they were so tiny as to be barely able to walk). My girlfriend solved that by dumping a bunch of litter in a closet and almost burying them in it. No idea why that worked, other than that it seemed to put them in an immobilized stupor. Any time we pulled the kittens out of the litter to play with them, dozens of tiny Monarch butterflies would burst up out of the mess and the kittens, once de-stupored, would race around trying to catch them, but not even coming close.

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