Dream Journal Excerpt, by Vibrata Chromodoris

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This entry is from the morning after the most recent Oneironauticum:

“I had a rather huge download of dreams and woke up twice that I can recall. Lying here this morning, reviewing them all in my head, what comes to me is that at no point during all of that dreaming did it ever seem “unreal” no matter how strange the circumstances. The “me” that is dreaming is accepting of the things being seen and felt as “real”. Then, upon awaking, it is simply and clearly understood that it wasn’t real. I suppose under certain circumstances — medications, physical illness, etc., there can be an overlap where the waking state at first seems unreal as well, and recalling events in the dream may have the quality of real memories. But normally I simply transition directly into being awake and knowing I was dreaming.

Another thing occurring to me this morning is that during my dream states of the past night there seems to be a constant flow of shifting and changing events in contrast to the awake state where there are long periods where I can sit and be still.

As far as noticing surroundings etc. in the dreams, what I am most aware of are faces — characters that don’t resemble people in my real life, but must be conjured entirely out of my imagination. I see them while I’m dreaming and notice their height, hair style, facial features and quality of personality.

A point of departure for further focus for me may be on the experience of running in my dreams. I have recurring “events” in my dream states (and did again last night) where running take son a special quality — I can’t seem to will my limbs to move faster, and I struggle to cover more ground but can’t. It becomes a recurring sticking point, where the focus of the dream shifts entirely on running faster and being frustrated. I think this can be a place to become lucid, since it has such a distinct quality. It may be a place where the veil is more thin — my “real” body is paralyzed, and the dreaming body may be sensing that and is struggling to connect with the waking body. Perhaps can learn to recognize “dream running” in a lucid way.”

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