Dreams of Light, by Carter

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Dreams of Light, by Carter

I had a flurry of dreams. The key thing was light. I was enveloped by white light, there were lots of snippets of dreams, all with light. One was in tall grass. In another, I looked down and my hands became paws.

At one point in the night, the music woke me up and I went to the bathroom and came back and fell asleep again. I was with the two cats who live in the space where we were sleeping. We all got onto a cosmic train and I became lucid.

Taryn and I were concerned that we’d left our room mate’s car behind. Then the light I’d seen in the other dreams started to approach me. I looked at Taryn, who had this huge, intense clear blue eyes, and Taryn realized I was about to wake up. She looked at me intently and the light came through her eyes, making them huge and vivid, glowing with white light.

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