Dying then Fading Away, remote dream by Bill

Posted on March 6, 2009 in All, » Al Kemi: Dream Time (Calea Zacatechichi, Silene Capensis, Mugwort, wild red asparagus) | 0 comments

Along with one other man, I was a war hero who was assassinated and it was being covered up. We were shot during a presentation of some medal of bravery, in front of an audience. I spent the majority of the dream as a fading, clumsy ghost.

There were some uncomfortable details, like I visited (as a ghost) the guy who was writing my obituary for the newspaper and it was all wrong, it was just boilerplate stuff, and I was screaming at him that my middle name was not Donald, I did not have any brothers, etc but it didn’t matter, my obit was going to press completely wrong.

Worst was the fact that it was a political assassination and a cover up. No way that they were about to look for the guy who killed me, everyone who witnessed the shooting was in on it. I was merely being made to go away, but as a war hero. One upside was that I got to be buried in some fancy military cemetery in a really good-looking uniform and there was all this pomp around it, but as the dream went on, I was fading from existence and it was very, very sad and confusing.

Another interesting detail is that there are indeed all these “ghost enablers” among us here and now. Much like Buddhists with their pet hungry ghosts, the enablers do things like spill food and perform other types of general littering in order to feed the ghosts, because we cannot open containers, boxes, doors, jars, etc. We can only eat off the ground and without using our hands. The enablers see ghosts in places like supermarkets or restaurants and then deliberately spill food so we can eat. Seems like ghosts are sort of like clumsy pigeons.

It seems comic now, but it was really really uncomfortable, largely because I was fading away. I figured that the fade is in relation to how present you are in folks’ thoughts. The less people that are thinking about you, the more you fade therefore you become less visible to the enablers and get less food, in short the rest of eternity is spent becoming more confused and befuddled, aggravated, hungry, opaque, etc. unless you are like Princess Diana or Adolf Hitler or John Lennon or someone big like that, who gets fed well because they are being thought of all the time by at least someone.

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