elephant dreaming, by Christine

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My ability to connect with my dreams symbolically was much stronger than usual over the past two nights of dreaming. This expanded seeing happened at the Oneironauticum, and then the night after, when we had our homeopathic dose in the morning. I didn’t find there to be too much of a difference between my dreams the first and second night, only the first night, I had more time to enjoy hynopompia. My second night dream was like this:

A photographer had a elephant on it’s belly, then put it’s arms and legs behind it’s back and tied them all together with thick white rope so that he could photograph her. The elephant was anesthesized so she wasn’t aware of what was being done. They were in what was once a stadium, but was now a ruin, near a pond. The earth beneath them was dry and solid. She started to wake up and realized she was tied. The huge, grey elephant began to shake. The shaking became so much that a dirt cloud began to form and make a mushroom shape over the elephant, who began to stand on all fours. The photographer ran, knowing the elephant was going to chase him. He was afraid and hid behind the stadium wall, on the side near the pond. The elephant didn’t go chasing after the photographer, who was surprised, having expected that he would be chased. The elephant went on her own way.

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