Falling into Color, by Jennifer

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Initially, it took me a while to fall asleep. The 5-HTP excited my system; I felt my heartbeat elevated and my mind was racing. Eventually, I began to drift off. Then I felt a pull, almost like when a car engine catches, a downward motion into the sleep state. As I felt that pull and moved into sleep, I saw a bright green flash. In the dream I then had, I was in the loft, lying in the bed in which I was actually laying, dreaming myself in my real life position and place.

I woke from that dream quickly, and after a short while lying alert, I felt the pull and again saw the flash of green and sunk into another dream of me in the loft, but this time different colors like swirling clouds filled the space.

I repeated this process several times over the space of maybe an hour and a half, waking up, falling back into dream with the green flash, an increasingly deeper emerald green as the night progressed. Each time I fell back asleep, the loft space became more dream like, the colors brighter, other people in the space up and moving around, not talking but dream drifting among the others who remained asleep.

The final time I returned to this dream, after five or six awakenings, the dream changed into an ocean voyage adventure.

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