Finding Light Again, by Erik

Posted on March 6, 2009 in All, » Al Kemi: Dream Time (Calea Zacatechichi, Silene Capensis, Mugwort, wild red asparagus) | 0 comments

I generally do not remember my dreams, but with the Dreamtime Somalixir I recalled many fragments of many dreams, a few accompanied by quite vivid images. There was a fair amount of emotional turmoil in the dreams, with other people being upset and myself being a bit torn in different directions, but it was not a typical anxiety dream, more like a deeply emotional one where I was really seeing and feeling
peoples pain, the wounded animals inside our human challenges

At one point I kept going to suck more nitrous oxide, even though my balloon kept breaking, and though I don’t remember getting particularly high, drugs in dreams are often signs of multiple dimensions and forms of consciousness.

The most vivid and charming part of my dreams was a scene where I was stumbling down a forest path in dusk’s deepening shade. I was shod only in white sweat socks, and as the light dwindled and the damp chill grew I felt an urgent call to return to the safety of the well-lit town above. But I continued plunging into the gloom, until I made a turn to the side and stumbled down into a radiant meadow. The sun was shining, full and warm, and I realized I still had some glorious moments to savor in the late light of day.

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