Heartbreak Dreams, by jennifer

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All night long I had heart rending dreams involving my spouse. In one dream, He admitted to me that he and his girlfriend had actually been together for a very long time, that they had several children and an old Victorian mansion together. We stood on a cliff overlooking the ocean as he told me this. Then he walked away in one direction, toward his girlfriend who I saw standing in the distance, and I got into my VW and drove away in the other direction. I knew I would never see him again and felt a tremendous sadness.

In another dream, I was searching for my spouse in a crowded carnival setting that was sort of Burning Man but not. I had a sense of great urgency, as if something bad would happen to him if I didn’t find him. Finally, I spotted him in the midst of a posh cocktail party, everybody dressed in very fancy clothing, speaking in very refined manner. He was with a good friend of mine, and I realized that they had gotten married some time ago but nobody had ever told me. He was very angry at me for coming to the party and insisted I leave.

I had several other short dreams, more like vignettes, following the same theme.

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