Mugwort Dream Notes, by Estelle

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Lights out about 930; woke 11 pm; 1215 am; 130; 4; 6; 7

A. At school a course with animated stick figure – very active and hyper

B. Self ?? images – island and other?

C. In a hot air balloon in a house – waiting for my partner who is still on the floor of the house to get organized to be with me; in Hawaii with DH and PK; DH Is driving, and I see a snorkel site in a contained pond that I want to visit and wonder how to access it. Next we three are on the Big Island looking at a house. I approach the pool area (curved pool separated from the ocean by a L-shaped house) and think “Mom is going to love this.” She comes into the area on the opposite side of pool and expresses “This is what I’ve been looking for” and/or “I could do this.”

D. At the airport and run into the entire Rolles Branch – we greet, hug, etc. – and I wish Kiki a happy 50th birthday

E. In a very large restaurant – and sitting in a very large booth – both in size and height. A large group – 30 people come and sit in the other part of the booth and extend out into the restaurant on a long, long table (made up of many tables together). This is not enough room for the group, and two people come to sit in my area – a father and child. I get up to leave because of the child.

F. I arrive at a restaurant with two men – one is my lover, the other not. The restaurant is in a house and just opening – and it is still daylight out. Are we there for early dinner or brunch? I immediately start to undress, taking off my slacks and shirt (or is it a jumpsuit?), and place these clothes on the back of chair to hold the table. I realize that I am in my bra and panties – and that they are from the same collection, but don’t match in color – the bra is nude and the panties black. I feel I need to put back on my clothes – at least the slacks – in part because the black panties seem to create a face image – a bit menacing. I go to find the restroom, and ask a young waitress pushing a cart where the restroom is. No answer as she continues on her way I gently hold her arm to stall her and ask again. She gets upset. I explain my position – that I needed the restroom and that I found it a lack of service not to respond. She tells me she doesn’t like that I held her back. I explain that I could have done it more harshly. I learn that the restaurant is on the second floor. Up there is a mirror and I dance in front on of it.

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