Mutable Environment, by David W

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Mutable Environment, by David W

Earlier in the night, I had several unsurprising dreams. One had a pleasant erotic component, and then I had a typical Oneironauticum meta-dream in which everyone else at the event had awaken and started bustling around their day while I still laid asleep in the kitchen. In another I lugged around piles of books, immersed in a research project studying Frances Yates.

Later in the night, however, I became aware of the music though I remained and entered into a lucid hypnagogic state. I became aware of a stormy, inchoate, billowy state. I found if I put my hand into it purposefully, my hand entered the unstructured reality. I tried some lucid dream experiments manipulating the stuff, able to manipulate and interact with it, with reality before it takes form.

Throughout the experience, I felt a delicious somatic bliss, aware of my body twitching and of the sound of the music.

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