Olympic Cherub Dodging, by Dean

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Olympic Cherub Dodging, by Dean

In one dream, I was running. I didn’t know why I needed to run, but knew it was important, and thought that if I kept running, I would figure it out. I didn’t doubt the importance of running, however.

In another dream, I was with another guy in a sort of game show with people watching. We had to get from a pavilion into a house. We were in nineteenth century men’s bathing suits, and were participating in a sport, maybe in the Olympics. A cherub stood on a pedestal, a baby with wings but a strong presence, with a point on its head.

When the judge said go, the guy and I had to get to the house, and the cherub was supposed to prevent us from getting there. We felt fear because we sensed the cherub’s power. We took off but it was like trying to run through honey. The cherub loomed near me, staring at me with this timeless face, very intimidating.

We got to the house and suddenly everything went dark and the house filled with fog. We looked at each other and both realized, oh no, now we’re really in trouble.

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