optical illusion, remote dream by sylvia

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I’m with some friends, and observing a landscape that has an
approximately 20” embankment to a higher plateau. Apparently I’ve only
been existing on the “lower” one, and my friends tease me about not
having been on the “higher” one. The plateau is a beautiful
Arizona-type desert. I walk on this plateau and the immediate
landscape changes to a tennis court with impressively giant (as in
narrow, long, not wide or deep) cracks in the court. The cracks match
the angles of the tree branches above, so that the patterns merge
together when I look ahead (earth and sky appear to merge together in
a sense). I point out the illusion to a companion I’ve caught up with
on the walk. We are set to walk back now, and I suggest to
some other people on this walk (a mother, father and daughter
perhaps?) to walk backwards in order to observe this
phenomenon of the big jagged trees matching the cracks in the court.

Same night different scenario: A bunch of us are in a type of cul de
sac and on vacation. It’s time to cut it short, and those with rental
cars abandon them there, but first they pose under signs that
materialize over the cars, signs that display the balance they owe on
the rental cars. Some kind of other shift in the scenario: I walk up
to a friend, past a little girl (about 7 years old) whom I’ve found
annoying but I say hi to, since it’s so unusual to see her here.

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