overpowering oil, remote dream report by Sylvia

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I bought essential oil of mugwort and dried mugwort, either organic or wildcrafted, as is the standard for the local witch store where I get my herbs. I had decided to not take any tea internally tonight ( recently had oral surgery and am on an antibiotic as well as antibiotic mouthwash and wasn’t supposed to have anything in my mouth at bedtime, even water).

In preparing the anointing oil, I got mugwort on the kitchen counter, and mopped it up with a paper towel and my hair. You were not kidding this stuff is strong.

I also made a small sachet but more for ceremonial purposes than practical purposes; I put in it mugwort, rose petals (for heart) and rosemary (for memory), with no oil. The oil in my hair was so strong I didn’t want to augment it. The smell “me montait à la tête”: giving me a slightly spinny “woo” feeling.

I dotted on some anointing oil, turned out the light, and I listened to the binoaural beat CD Dreamcatcher (Metamusic®) by Don Peyote and Naasko through earphones until I drifted off, rousing only to take off the earphones when the CD ended. I felt the CD made me relaxed and receptive to magic in dreamspace.

Conclusion: take mugwort internally for next attempt.

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