Remote Dream of Bees, by Cynthia Briggs

Posted on April 13, 2008 in All, » Tibetan Dream Yoga | 0 comments

A few days before your last dream night, someone who knows about my dream thing sent me the link to this blog. Then I was surprised to read what you wrote yesterday about staying conscious as you fall asleep, because that’s what I do almost every night!

On the night the dream group met, I did the meditation while I was falling asleep. I didn’t practice it before, so maybe I wasn’t that good at it. The best thing for me was the sound. While I fell asleep, I tried to imagine the sound in my heart. I even hummed out loud a few times so I could feel it.

For me, falling asleep is like getting really confused for a while, and then a dream starts. The night I did the meditation, I was concentrating on the sound and then I forget what I was doing. For a while, there was nothing like a story that makes sense. Instead I had a bunch of random thoughts and pictures in my head. This is what usually happens. It’s like a tornado comes and breaks apart whatever’s in my head and swirls it all around. Then once I fall asleep, it goes back to being a story, except now it’s a dream.

I don’t usually remember these dreams really well, just a little. I do remember that in this dream, I was walking through a field and there were lots of bees buzzing all over the place!

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