Swashbuckling, by Dean

Posted on March 6, 2009 in All, » Al Kemi: Dream Time (Calea Zacatechichi, Silene Capensis, Mugwort, wild red asparagus) | 0 comments

The night we took the Somalixir, at around 2am, I got a call from Russia that woke me up, but what’s weird about that is that the phone was turned off upstairs and I could barely hear the downstairs phone.

At the time, I was dreaming that I was some kind of swashbuckler (dressed in, I think, 16th century blue ruffles and tights) and leaping huge distances around a castle with my rapier while fighting the enemies of the king. I felt like I was in a late 1950’s MGM production, laughing and thrusting away merrily with my sword. It was the nearest thing to a flying dream I’d had in years, and I think I would have gotten into flying if the call didn’t come.

I heard the far away phone in my dream and thought, oh, that’s probably Lesley, I should probably get it, and surfaced through SO MUCH LAYERED DREAMSTUFF. I could barely hold the conversation when I got to the phone. Then I easily slipped back into sleeping/dreaming again, for more nuanced and detailed adventures. For me the Somalixir is also a sleep aid. Kind of like melatonin but it feels much nicer to me. I’m generally such a light sleeper, and I find it hard to get back to sleep once I wake up in the night, but last night I woke from dreams a few times with very detailed memory and went back under again in what seems to me to have been only a matter of minutes. I woke up feeling better rested than I had in a while.

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