Truck Driving, remote dream report by Michael

Posted on August 26, 2009 in » Mugwort, All | 0 comments

I was a terrible driver, and in all sorts of vehicular predicaments, in a big rig, dune buggy, motorcycle, pickup truck. I kept obliterating other people’s property and I was getting very frustrated because try as I might to concentrate, I couldn’t because my girlfriend was wiggling and naked most of the time in the passenger seat, so I would wind up plowing into someone’s house, or knocking over a tree, and the formalities afterwards seemed to drag on forever, so I was perpetually late.

Then my girlfriend reminded me that it was a dream. I still couldn’t focus on driving and kept bashing into things, but I treated it like bumper cars, and as soon as the vehicle I was driving was wrecked, I’d grab her and toss her into the next available car, and off we went, careening away.

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