Vehicles, remote dream by Nat

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In Seattle, visiting my posse, a Hasidic Jew plays chess with a giant man on a lawn covered in moss up a side street. We are meeting in a hotel/office building. I’m dropping off t-shirts for the bar I work at. People talk of the new Chinese restaurant in the mall. We go by, it’s very bad but friendly and open looking.

My boss from the Hideout picks me up at the airport in the driving rain in a tiny convertible chitty chitty bang bang looking car towing a giant flatbed. Cabs don’t pick me up. But the airport is in the middle of nowhere, dark, and tiny. The plane/rocket starts with a cough of a rocket engine and fire. Dawn arrives.

I’m riding my motorcycle, but by the end of the trip I’m in my car. I’m obsessed about cleaning my very dirty glasses but they are a bit broken so I use little onions to fix them. I miss the turn in my car while falling asleep and end up in Cleveland, an hour away, and have to drive home again. A 15 minute trip turned into three hours I think sadly. And me falling asleep…

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