working at a federal facility, remote dream by Sandy

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I am working in an office in an older building at a federal facility. Several guys also work in offices along the same hallway. I am reviewing a report about groundwater contamination. I am ready to send my comments to the author and mention it to my coworker. He states that he has already sent the response for our office. I say something like “When were you going to tell me?” I am irritated because I feel that I have wasted my time, so I ask him about about the status of reviewing another document. He says something like “Don’t worry about it – the cleanup is going to happen.” I respond with irritation saying, “Don’t tell me what to worry about. I have been doing this job for 20 years.”

Then simultaneously almost over this dream sequence, I am looking at a brightly colored (red, blue and gold) pin. It is circular – about the size of a nickel – and within the circle is a chevron composed of 3 lines. Somehow I know that it belongs to a former coworker who has been promoted within the military to a special commission that conducts senior reviews. I am somewhat surprised by this because he wasn’t in the military when we worked together. However, he has been in the past, so it seems plausible, although unlikely. Then I am opening 2 packages that contain wooden tinker-toy like objects. The long wooden pieces are dark brown and the smaller circular and triangular parts are bright blue, red, and green. Each object is about 1 foot in length, and the 3 long wooden pieces in each one form a long 3-dimensional triangle. I suppose they were shaped somewhat like rockets.

The dream ended abruptly when I was awakened.

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