Conversation, Memory, Land. Remote dream by Michael Rynne

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I am staying at my family house. Johnny Rotten is there wearing some quite conservative clothing. I am delighted to see him and have a lot of experiences to relate to him. He listens though I have a feeling that I am talking too much. I tell him that it is interesting that he is there because earlier in the day John Lydon (his real name ) was here also. He tells me that the name is pronounced Lay-den not Lie-don.

Later I am staying with friends in a different area. I have an old Citroen 2Cv which is parked among trees. I leave the house and walk out into the neighborhood. I suddenly recognize that I am in a neighborhood I spent time in in another dream. I am shocked because where the beautiful wooden Victorian houses that were in the previous dream are now burnt and blackened patches of yellowed grass in the dry summery fields. I am saddened because in a previous dream I had lived happily in an ornate wooden Victorian that was on the corner there. There was a long grass covered lane behind the house lined with mature Beech trees, now gone. A railway track with a freight locomotive is there now. I ask someone what happened but the can only say that they think that there was a fire. In the previous dream I had a difficult time getting used to the other people in the house but eventually overcame whatever problem I was having and felt very secure and comfortable there.

I am seeing a topographical model of the coast of West Africa. It is constructed out of plaster on a very large scale. My eye moves in an arial view along the coast. the sea is blue and the land is various browns and yellow for the sand at the shore. As my eye moves along I am looking for somewhere to ‘hide’ and soon am relieved to see that the inland mountains begin to rise up and I can see the dark green of forests in between the peaks. Then the topographical model changes into a real landscape which I am now seeing from the perspective of a helicopter. I turn to the left and swoop down into the shade and safety of the forest.

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