Outlier in Galantamine Dreaming, by Sylvia

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Oneironauticum #1: 4mg galantamine, extracted from Lycoris radiata (Red Spider Lily)

While galantamine had no noticeable effect on my dreaming this time, I can see trying it at home under normal sleeping conditions, to attempt to induce more vibrant dreams. Meanwhile, just gathering with others and focusing on dreams and dreaming was pleasurable and inspiring in itself. May my mind and body be more relaxed next time we experiment!

After rousing at 5am and ingesting the capsule, I unfortunately did not fall back asleep. The wakefulness was likely not attributable to the effects of the extract, but rather to a mind preoccupied with physical and mental mundanities. I lay in bed until 7:15am, then got up and did some journaling and a bit of reading. At 8:25am I decided to lie down again; I was back asleep by 8:45am. I woke up at 9:50am, after a short but deep round of REM sleep.

Both before the galantamine ingestion, and during the one hour I later fell asleep, the dream motifs were vaguely biographical, and not particularly vivid, lacking any sensual component other than visual data. Despite the group context and a concerted effort to incubate the dreamspace (repeating an intention as I was falling asleep) it was my normal dream fare. Because over three hours passed between ingestion of the galantamine and my second phase of sleep, and I could not discern any changes to the quality of the dream in that phase, I presume that the peak effects occurred while I was lying awake and had dissipated within the three hours. C’est la vie.

Image of L. radiata
from www5.ocn.ne.jp/~koyama/

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  1. In order to obtain the maximum efficiency, you must take galantamine 4 mg and choline 200 mg together before going to bed or during your sleep period.


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