Remote dreaming, by Ian

Posted on January 30, 2008 in » Galantamine, All | 0 comments

Ian participated from New York City.

The next morning i woke from an epic and vivid dream of traveling from pirate ship to pirate ship, through many adventures across the seas, violent, passionate, difficult, joyous, to end up on a ship, right on the verge of waking, with a deck like a european garden, and a women leaning over the railing, three women actually, the same women in three distinct phases of her life, young, mid-life, and aged, gazing out at the sea, like a maiden awaiting her sailor’s return.

the young and older women peeled away from the deck eventually, hands across their brows, retreating in some kind of heartsickness, while the women in the center, remained steadfast, gazing out to sea.

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