Tour of my dreaming mind, by jennifer

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On the night of Oneironauticum, I woke five hours after going to sleep to take a capsule of Red Spider Lily root, or Galantamine. I didn’t remember any dreams before then, which is unusual for me. Having been at the Symbiosis Gathering for a few nights previous, however, I’d gotten much less sleep than usual. As I say in all my talks and at Oneironauticum gatherings, the primary factor in dreaming more is sleeping more. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will spend considerably less time dreaming.

After taking the Galantamine, however, I had a very vivid, complex dream. In this dream, several other people and I were being given a tour of the parts of my brain that were dreaming and what was happening in each. First we were shown a network of fibers that looked like plaster netting and told that they were ganglia carrying the acetylcholine for REM. Then I had a view of a brain from the top down with a path through to the middle. We were told we were seeing the amygdala, which was controlling the dream. Finally, we were led into two dark, cavernous chambers and told that these were the frontal lobes of my brain, currently quiet and dark because everyone who usually lives there had vacated due to the dream.

Amusingly, I discussed all these physical brain effects in my talk. While this is a very interesting dream, it’s also about the day’s residue.

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