Vivid Galantamine Dreaming, by Geneva

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I was in the same room in which we all went to sleep, as if the rewind button had been pressed and playback was with different characters in the room. In this version I lay cuddling with a past love; his presence so real that I could literally smell, taste and feel the softness of his skin. There was no difference of dimensions, states of mind, lucidity; if all my past experiences of lucid dreaming hadn’t been enough to prove to me that my dream life is just as real as my waking life, this certainly did. I stayed in my love’s arms for what seemed like the rest of the night, and set to my lucid dreaming from there. I then faded to being in front of our group’s collaborative art piece – a revolving mural that wrapped around and entire city neighborhood block. The neighborhood where our collaborative art project was supposed to be a San Francisco neighborhood, while at the same time it had a feeling of an old New York brownstone neighborhood from the movies. One of our members (who was a boy from my childhood, and whom I haven’t thought of in years) was very upset about some aspect of how the piece was being exhibited, to the point of a rash emotional outburst, yelling and pointing incoherently. As I walked around the block, in the opposite direction that our mural was rotating, there was one particular scene that kept repeating – looking up at an inordinately tall chain link fence that had panels of blue vinyl material connected on the edges and corners with steel loops. Not all of the loops were linked in, so when the wind was still, different corners would fall open – and when the wind would blow, all of the panels would flap closed in a very fluid motion, from one corner to the other with a eerie flapping sound.

I am not sure whether it was the Galantamine or the intentional space of group dreaming which had such a profound impact on the intensity and vividness of my dreams, but they were pronouncedly more enhanced than my usual experiences.

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