Weird Galantamine Experiences, by Jennifer

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I felt the effects of Galantamine clearly. Most of my dreams involved dream group participants talking loudly, describing *their* experiences to me, and me worrying that they would wake everyone else sleeping in the space. When listening to one of these narrators, Erik, I could vaguely see his face, less clearly even than I would have seen it in the dark room. That was the only visual component of the dream. Most of my dreams involved sound and tactility.

At one point, I had the very vivid, real sensation of holding a rod (maybe six inches in diameter) in each hand. I clearly felt the weight and cold, hard, steel texture of each rod. My dream body convulsed wildly as I held the rods, though my physical body almost surely didn’t move; Erik sleeps lightly and I would have woken him.

I became fully lucid, totally aware that I was dreaming, but I could neither move nor see anything. Standing at an impossible angle, my feet on the ground and my body arched over so my head dipped almost to my feet, I dangled there, moving around like a cat toy. I kept thinking that something would happen. In most lucid dreams, I am able to exert some control over the circumstances. In this case, though, I just swayed there for a long time before I decided the dream was going nowhere and actively disengaged from it.

Finally, as I laid in bed, I became aware of jazz playing in the living room. Somebody had turned on the music, even though everyone was asleep. It sounded like maybe Ella Fitzgerald. The sound of the music was very distinct, but because it was playing low, I couldn’t quite make it out.

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  1. Though we didn’t take the Red Spider Lily extract, nor tune in exactly when the experiment was taking place, Spiros and I have been preparing for the Inaugural Oneironauticum, by waking up trying to write down our dreams (flynnie) and actually remember dreams (s).
    This past Saturnday morning Spiros woke up and said Jennifer did her dream experiment last night. I dreamt of her pointing with her index fingers at the bottom corner of both eyes. He said it was a weird dream, almost a nightmare, but Jennifer was trying to tell him something by pointing at her eyes.

    So maybe it wasn’t when the actual experiment was take place, but pretty close.

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