Truck Driving, remote dream report by Michael

I was a terrible driver, and in all sorts of vehicular predicaments, in a big rig, dune buggy, motorcycle, pickup truck. I kept obliterating other people’s property and I was getting very frustrated because try as I might to concentrate, I couldn’t because my girlfriend was wiggling and naked most of the time in the passenger seat, so I would wind up plowing into someone’s house, or knocking over a tree, and the formalities...

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overpowering oil, remote dream report by Sylvia

I bought essential oil of mugwort and dried mugwort, either organic or wildcrafted, as is the standard for the local witch store where I get my herbs. I had decided to not take any tea internally tonight ( recently had oral surgery and am on an antibiotic as well as antibiotic mouthwash and wasn’t supposed to have anything in my mouth at bedtime, even water). In preparing the anointing oil, I got mugwort on the kitchen counter, and mopped...

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full night full of dreams, by Jennifer

For my Oneironauticum experience, I slept with a sachet, working with the scent of mugwort. Over the course of the night, I woke several times throughout the night, either because the smell was too strong—in which case I moved it away from my face—or because it had grown too weak—so I pulled it closer again. Interestingly, I found that bringing the scent closer to my face caused me to remember dreams I’d had earlier in the evening, in...

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